Saturday, March 7, 2009


There’s movement—graceful and strong
Two arms, two legs
Fingers and toes

A string of pearls the doctor says is the spine
I smile and pull in closer to the screen

There’s movement—flexing and stretching
Two eyes, one heart
167 beats per minute

A cord stretches from the body giving him/her life
Beaming brightly, I look to my wife

There’s movement—tender and yielding
Two parents, one child
We wait.

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  1. O my Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one of the bestest poems that i have ever read.
    This is Alyssa, Jamie Olsen's daughter, and I could not wait for me to read one of your poems
    I have written a few poems of my own but they are not near as good as yours!!!!!!!!!
    If you go to I'll list a few more poems that you haven't read.
    Best Wishes and Good Luck, Alyssa


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