Friday, August 31, 2012

Where To Find Magic

I've been sharing with my daughter the story of The Wizard of Oz.  The more I talk to her about it, the more I remember how much I was in love with this story as a child.  I thing writers like Frank L. Baum played a big impact on me as a writer today. 

 I feel that if Baum would have written a mission statement it would be like this:  I want to write a children’s novel that tells them that there are in fact worlds that dreams come true and magic lives.  I want to show them that there are ways in which a child can find these magical kingdoms and all they need to do is look for a way in.  However, I also want them to know that these worlds of magic and mystery are not a pot of pleasure and games, that there are dangers hidden even in the most wonderful of places.  I want them to understand that sadness and misery are not exempt from these worlds of magic, but only magnified.  I want children to learn that home is the place to find adventures and the magic of love and friendship is greater than any land of wizards and munchkins.  I want them to know that any magic is found from within.

I want to adopt this as my mission statement.  I never fail to remind my daughter everyday that MAGIC IS REAL and that its found within.  I hope that every child learns that and has someone there to remind them.  And that's my key on where to find magic.


  1. I especially love your illustrations. You do have a lucky daughter. I pray she realizes that as she grows up. Keep up the good work, Mikey and Brooke. You'll look back on these years with a warm heart knowing you did the right things.

  2. Thanks Tina and Debra! Yes she is one lucky girl. My other daughter is soon to follow in her spoiled footsteps. :)

  3. Mikey, Thank you for the post. Its great that you share so much with your children, I know a lot of parents in the world today who have missed that point.

    As a child, my own mother used to read to me all the time and I have such great fond memories of sitting next to her as she read to me.

    I'm sure your children will likewise grow up with fond memories of these precious moments in time that you've taken to spend with them. :O)

    1. Thank you Joyce. I feel it's very important for all children to learn to believe in magic and most importantly themselves. I'm gla your mom read to you. Sadly, I didn't get that and want to give my girls everything I lacked. Call them spoiled, I call them blessed. :)


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