Monday, February 18, 2013

Ancient Aliens

I was able to be a part of several panels while at LTUE: Life, the Universe, and Everything—a symposium geared toward fantasy and science fiction writers. One of the panels, Ancient Aliens, I was very excited about. The premise of the panel intrigued me because movies like Stargate have made tons of money off the idea of Ancient Aliens. I did an enormous amount of research and found that my efforts were in vain when the panel was high jacked from the beginning by a skeptical naysayer who was a part of the panel. 

What could have been a terrific experience to learn about ancient mysteries and help trigger some insights into writing another blockbuster story, soon crashed and burned like the Roswell spaceship. A few others and I made many attempts to reroute the panel back to the original topic, but we were out maneuvered by the negativity coursing throughout the panel. Disappointed by the lack of information shared and the pessimistic diarrhea covering the panel I decided to share some of the information I had gathered on Ancient Aliens here. So if you are interested in learning about some of history’s mysteries that could be contributed to extraterrestrial life, and you didn’t find it on a panel devoted to it because of one man’s nihilist attitude, you’ve come to the right place. 

So much can be attributed to Ancient Aliens because there are so many holes in history. Science hasn’t really given a concrete answer to the technology used in ancient societies. The pyramids to this day cannot be replicated to the amount of detail that was involved. There are strange things found, like hieroglyphs with what look like ancient light bulbs and depictions of spaceships and helicopters (found in the temple of Abydos) or the Bagdad battery that make people wonder. Of course a writer would take these and create a fantastical book solving the mystery by attributing it to extraterrestrial life. I’m not a firm believer in this theory, but it does make a great story.

Plato described a place that was far more advanced in technology than even the Egyptians. He called it Atlantis. So far Atlantis has been smeared as nothing more than a myth, but many believe it did once exist. Could the Bimini Road (an underwater highway of rocks) be part of its remains? Who knows? But it does give way to speculation. Atlantis has been associated with Ancient Aliens since its conception.
Another Mystery is the Nazka lines, curious images only seen from high above the dessert. Are they ancient landing strips or messages to intelligent life? Another hole in history, we don’t know for sure what they were used for or who made them. What about the stones at Stonehenge, or the giant statues erected on Easter Island? Could they be remnants of Ancient Aliens?

I bring all these things up because they are what should have been discussed on the panel. These are great things that could trigger a story about Ancient Aliens. There are secrets lost in time. We are a species that has lost a greater part of our history to the unknown. Why not fill in the blanks with the fantastical?
Below you’ll find just a few more topic ideas that I had come up with for future research. I think they might spark a few ideas about the ancient mysteries of the world.

  • Vimana, a flying craft depicted in India’s tales. Had the power to shoot lasers and transport people through space.
  • Ezekiel’s Wheel, a strange craft seen in a prophecy in the Bible. 
  • Elijah is taken up into heaven in a flying chariot of fire.
  • Astrologically aligned gigantic Rocks found in Tiwanaku, Bolivia.
  • The Bible is filled with stories about fantastic wonders, if you were to remove the god-factor you could come up with all sorts of alien stuff.
  • 1463 and 1561 people record that they saw flying cigar shaped craft in the sky and an aerial battle in Germany and later Basel Switzerland.
  • The Pharaoh Tuthmosis recorded he saw fire in the sky in 1480BC.
  • Alexander the Great saw flying silver shields in 329AD. Seven years later a UFO shoots a laser beam at the wall of a city letting him through.
  •   Egyptian and South America pyramids all point at the stars and are astronomically aligned.
  •   Text from Samaria that is 5000 years old talk about flying craft with people in them.

 I hope you get something from this rant of information, if not a cool idea for another exciting story. I did my best to share what I had planned but sometimes negativity can overwhelm a crowd. Happy writing! And that’s my key on Ancient Aliens.


  1. They better be glad I wasn't there. I would've kicked some "human ass". Sad that it didn't go as well as we thought Mikey. I'm sure you were awesome though! ;)

    1. You are too funny. Some people like Mark Forman and Robison Wells made fantastic comments, but we weren't really given the opportunity to share more. Hence the banter above. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your research. This is fun stuff. I Hope your other panels went the way you had planned.

    1. My other panels rocked! I met so many amazing people and learned so much. I will be sharing more on the blog as time goes on. I took plenty of notes. :)

  3. had a few of those myself. Thanks for the info.

  4. Sorry to say, there comes a point on the panel when you almost have to give up. The idea of ancient aliens and what they might have or not have done makes for some great story telling opportunities, which sadly were missed. Thanks Mikey for venting. Next time around just nudge me and I'll get up and slap someone. ;-)

    1. LOL! Mark you are too funny! I had to post this after hearing so many people tell me how disappointed they were with the panel. I'm glad you noticed it too. And yes sometimes it is a no win situation.


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