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Author Interview: Ryan Hunter

I am happy to introduce you to Ryan Hunter author of the new dystopian thriller inDIVISIBLE.  I met Ryan in our writer’s group The Authors’ Think Tank. When she asked if anyone was interested in sharing her new book I jumped at the opportunity. Ryan Hunter is a published author, journalist and freelance writer. She enjoys the outdoors, hiking, running, baking and chocolate. Her passion in writing is suspense. Her passion in life is her family - oh and adrenaline.

I love the underlining theme of your novel that we as people take our freedoms for granted. Is there something that inspired you to write this book?

Ryan Hunter: inDIVISIBLE started as a dream, a dream that left me with a disturbed feeling that I couldn’t shake. I had this crazy desire to write this story, and I couldn’t put it off. Once I started plotting, I had a trilogy outlined in a single day, and the words just flowed when I began to write. It was beautiful.

I put a lot of myself into this story … ideas, feelings and thoughts like anger at my daughter’s old school for telling me, “Children at E**** Elementary are not allowed to excel” and the horror of the idea that the original draft of Obamacare actually included the option to allow devices to be inserted into us to keep files on us. It all just merged to create this world of One United that amazed me even as the words spilled onto the page.

InDIVISIBLE is a dystopian thriller. Can you give tips on how to create a fractured world that mirrors our own?

Ryan Hunter: I actually hadn’t read much dystopian before writing inDIVISIBLE, mostly because I didn’t want it to feel too much like the other novels out there. I wanted it to be its own story because of how intense the initial idea felt to me. So, I think that’s my first bit of advice: find your own voice in dystopia.

Find an issue or set of issues that you think could be exploited by the government or blown out of proportion … what happens next? How would that affect the general population and how could that continue to multiply? As the government moves to enforce actions or counter plagues, does it make them more powerful or weak?

I think I like to take issues or fears I see every day and blow them up, make them a little excessive and just go with it.

If you were a utensil would you rather be a fork or a spoon. Please share why.

Ryan Hunter: I’ve absolutely never even considered this before this moment … but I’m going to have to go for it all. We have this super cool fork spoon knife thingy. I’d have to be that. Seriously, fork on one end with a knife on the side of the last prong, spoon on the other end. Entirely useful. Strange but useful and fun.

What have you learned most about yourself while writing this book?

Ryan Hunter: I went through a long period of depression prior to writing inDIVISIBLE and when I sat down to start I was scared. I still lacked confidence but I knew I had to write the story of One United. I grew a lot, gained confidence and felt fulfilled again by the end. Then when I sat down to write a short dedication at the beginning, I realized what the biggest message in the book was, and it was for me more than anyone.

inDIVISIBLE begins with Brynn, a girl whose life is turned upside down, who’s scared and yet determined to see changes in her life. She pursues her dreams despite the fear, and I realized that it’s a message of determination. Sometimes we have to go through hard experiences to become our best and sometimes accomplishments only come about after pushing ourselves further than we ever imagined possible. Life can be hard, but we determine how we handle it.

Can you share your experience getting your book published? What made you decide to go indie?

Ryan Hunter: I went the traditional publishing route while writing under my other name, Robyn Heirtzler, but I decided the market’s changing enough that I wanted to play with it and see what I could do on my own. It’s been a great experience and I’ve learned a lot.

What is your writing technique? Are you an outliner? Keyboard or pen?

Ryan Hunter: When writing, I know the beginning, the major hurdles and an approximate ending before I begin, but I don’t plot it all in detail right away. I plot a few chapters and being writing. As the story takes form, I plot a little further and a little further, writing as I go. I find I’m more creative and the story stays fresh when I plot as I go. If I plot the entire novel, it restricts me too much and I get really bored with the storyline before I get halfway through. But if I experience it for the first time just ahead of each chapter, I keep momentum and excitement!  

Occasionally I sketch my characters in my notebook but otherwise, I do everything on my laptop. I’m not fast enough writing by hand to keep up with my own thoughts.

I’ve read reviews that share you leave the book open for a sequel. Is there a sequel planned? When do you hope to have it available?

Ryan Hunter: I’m working on the sequel now and I’m excited about it. There are some new characters, some twists and definitely more adventure. I’d say more, but I think I’ll let you read it when it comes out this spring.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the book or shout out to readers?

Ryan Hunter: Funny you should ask … I’ve had some feedback recently that made me reconsider the cover for inDIVISIBLE and so I decided, why not try something a little different and see if it gets a better response. I think the new cover captures the feel of the novel better and better portrays a YA novel. In fact, you’re the first blog, aside from my own, to show off the new cover. What do you think?

I think the new cover is amazing. Much more thrilling. I am privileged to be the first blogger to show it off. Thanks for allowing me to do this interview with you and good luck writing the sequel!

You can find more about Ryan Hunter and her novel inDIVISIBLE by going to: or visiting her Amazon author page at Trailer:


  1. Thank you for having me on your blog! It looks great!

    1. The pleasure was all mine Ryan. Thanks for letting me do it. Your book looks absolutely thrilling and I cant wait to read it. :)

  2. The new cover looks great! I think it represents the book well.


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