Monday, May 6, 2013

The Dream Keeper Blog Tour

Check out this amazing lineup! 
There are some talented people hosting me throughout the next month. 
Please make sure to stop by and visit.

The Blog Tour:
May 16: (Conflict in Middle-Grade Books)
May 17: (VS Gernier Interview)
May 20: (A Step Forward)
May 22: (Book Feature)
May 24: (Guest post & Giveaway)
May 26: (VSG Interview)
May 27: (Inspiration from Classics)
May 29: (On Writing)
May 29: (Interview)
May 29: ("Where did THAT come from?!")
May 30: (Review and Giveaway)
June 1: (Reading with Kids)
June 3: (Review and Interview)
June 4: (Scaring Kids)
June 5: (Oz, Wonderland, and Dreams)
June 6: (Getting and Keeping Ideas)
June 7: (Interview)
June 8: (Review and Interview)
June 11: (Book Feature)
June 13: (Interview)
June 14: (Adventure Interview)
June 15: (Book Feature)

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