Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Feature: Trusted

I am happy to introduce you to Krista Wayment, author of the middle-grade adventure: Trusted, book one in the Dragon's Trust series. I have been following the progress of this book for sometime and I am happy to finally see it come available. I asked Krista to share her journey in writing her first middle-grade book. Don't forget to check out the GIVEAWAY at the bottom of this post!

Guest Post by: Krista Wayment

My first attempt at writing a novel was an adult fantasy. And it was not my best work. After I finished it I started several projects but couldn't stick with one long enough to finish it.

While researching publishers I came across Shadow Mountain which publishes a lot of Middle Grade fiction. I read several of their books and fell in love with Middle Grade--so I started reading as many as I could find. It occurred to me one day that I should try and write a middle grade book.

Then, I attended the LDS Storymakers conference and attended a class about writing YA and another about writing MG. That sealed the deal for me. I wanted to write a Middle Grade book. And I wanted to write something with a male main character. I've always been a tom boy so I thought it might be easier for me to write something like that.

So, I asked myself: What kind of middle grade book do I want to write? The answer was--it has to have dragons. Next I asked, what kind of dragons--wise and smart like humans? Or more animal-ish, like horses. To which I thought--why can't I have both? And that is where it all started.

I began crafting a world where both wise and dumb dragons could exist. I asked myself why their were two kinds and the history of the world started to take shape. I asked what the people in this world thought about the differences and soon I had a story on my hands.

Basically, I said to myself: I want a middle grade fantasy book with dragons in it that would appeal to both boy and girl readers--and Trusted was born.

Renick, the fifth son of a dragon breeder, crashes into an unexpected adventure that challenges everything he thought he knew about dragons, history, and himself.
Stranded in the massive Helath forest, Renick meets two other passengers: Thane, a noble training to be a dragon knight, and Lainey, the orphaned niece of a healer. Together they survive an attack by vicious wolves, rescue a baby dragon with a broken wing, and escape from a band of dragon hunters as they make a perilous climb into the mountains. What they discover there will change everything.

About the Author

Krista Wayment has been making up stories since she learned to talk. Writing naturally grew out of that. Krista is an avid Fantasy and Science Fiction fan, and a total nerd. She is also a software engineer and loves playing video games. Although, curling up with a good book is still one of her favorite past times. Visit her website at:
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