Monday, May 12, 2014

Children's Book Week

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Are you a children's book or teen literature blogger, an author, a publisher, or a publicist looking to share copies of a fabulous book?  Mother Daughter Book Reviews  and Youth Literature Reviews  are joining forces to provide you with the opportunity to take part in the Children's Book Week Giveaway Hop 2014, featuring links to giveaways for fabulous children/teen's books, gift cards, cash, or other prizes.  What better way to celebrate Children's Book Week?


For Children's Book Week I wanted to showcase a fanatasic new series coming out in JULY: The Gates of Atlantis. All the books will be out at the same time and can be read together or separately. I think they are super cool if you read them all in order (but you don't have too).  Each book in the series is written by an amazing author and the story just gets bigger and better the more you read. The authors include: Laura d> Bastian, Jaclyn Weist, Wendy Knight, Juli Caldwell, JR Simmons, and me: Mikey Brooks. You can learn more about the series by visiting:


You've heard of the Lost City of Atlantis, right? Do you know why it disappeared? It's a secret so listen up... It was a community of magical creatures that hide themselves away from the world to preserve magic. However, thousands of years later it is at risk of being destroyed. A select group of kids, some magical and some just normal teens, are the ones destined to save it. But are they enough to stop the evil threatening to shatter Atlantis and possible the world? Find out by reading!


Enter to win one of the following:

Paperback of The Dream Keeper

Paperback of The Dreamstone

Paperback of The Stone of Valhalla

$10 Amazon Gift Card

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  1. Hi Mikey, the stories sound great and I've just entered the giveaway. Happy Children's Book Week!

    ~ Claudine @ CarryUsOff Books

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Good luck on the giveaway!

  2. Thanks for joining us in the Giveaway Hop! Great prize! Pinning and tweeting.... Thanks for including us on the Rafflecopter - that was mighty nice of you! :-)

    1. Thanks for letting me be apart of the hop. I enjoyed visiting all the other blogs. Hopefully we can do something again!

  3. Thank you everyone for participating in the Children's Book Week Hop. Here are the winners of the giveaways. I will be contacting all the winners by email so please make sure you check for them. Congratulations!!

    Winner of the $10 Gift Card: Cheryl Booth Rogers

    Winner of The Dream Keeper Paperback: V. Johnson

    Winner of The Dreamstone Paperback: Sharon Ledwith

    Winner of The Stone of Valhalla Paperback: Jenny Stanek


    1. If anyone knows Jenny Stanek please let me know. Her email was invalid.


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