Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Book Trailer: Battle for Acropolis

I am thrilled for the Gates of Atlantis books to come out. Just a few more weeks to go. In the meantime have a looksee at my fantastic book trailer. Here you'll get a sneak peak into Talon's world.



Thirteen-year-old Talon is in trouble...again. He didn't mean to burn down the school library. It just happened. Things like that always happen to Talon. His life is a mixture of the weird and bizarre. No one else he knows can shoot fire from their hands or cause an earthquake...but he can.

Every night the same dream haunts Talon: the destruction of an underwater city. He doesn't have a clue what it means but he feels like fate is trying to warn him. It's not until he runs away with his foster sister Hattie that he discovers his trouble-making powers and strange nightmare are connected. Together they are the key to saving saving Atlantis.


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