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About six months ago Literary Agent Jill Corcoran, whom I’d have been following for a couple years on Facebook and Twitter, invited me to join a wonderful Facebook group called: A Path to Publishing. I found the group to be very welcoming and insightful into all the different paths to publication. Then I saw Jill was offering a video series with Martha Alderson (A.K.A. The Plot Whisperer) entitled: PlotWriMo: REVISE YOUR NOVEL IN A MONTH. At first I ignored the video series, thinking to myself, I have a BS in Creative Writing, I have four books published, why, oh, why would I need this? It’s just a waste of money… I was SO wrong!!

It wasn’t until Jill and Martha were offering an “Online Pitch Class” that I really got involved. I was struggling with my query letter and needed help. As part of the Pitch Class I was to watch the video series as a type of prerequisite. I am not kidding when I tell you that I learned more in the time it took to watch those eight videos than I ever learned in my expensive classes at the University. Both Jill and Martha share the key ingredients that need to be present in a novel for it to work properly. They explain them in terms I could easily understand AND they gave terrific examples for each point they made. I came away feeling like I had just obtained a vast well of knowledge. And knowledge to me is the greatest treasure on Earth. 

My pitch class went brilliantly! Jill and Martha didn't just helped me write my query letter better, but they taught me HOW to write it. I came away feeling confident about that query and it proved successful in getting FOUR full requests of my manuscript in my first run of submissions. I am so very grateful to Jill for inviting me into this amazing group, and for her and Martha for taking the time to create this video series. You can tell in their genuine interactions with other writers that they do it because they care. You can see how compassionate they are about the craft of writing and those that wield its magic. 

This series of videos isn’t just for those struggling with their writing. This series is for ALL WRITERS—experienced and non-experienced. You will learn so much. If you “think” you know it all, like I did, you’ll be surprised. Everyone will come away from the series with knowledge that will benefit your writing in ways you always dreamed. Just try it out. You will not be disappointed.


Jill and Martha offer writers two video series with more in production:

1) PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel in a Month

8 videos, 5.5 hours + 3- hands-on exercises

Congratulations! You have written a draft of a novel. You’ve accomplished what many writers merely talk about and dream of doing – you have written an entire story from beginning to end. When you finish celebrating, it is time to revise: to re-envision and rewrite what you’ve written into a novel that agents, editors and readers will devour. Writing a great plot involves craft and skill and know-how. Before you undertake a major rewrite, first consider your story from all angles with the help of step-by-step instruction and daily exercises. You know you’re ready to rewrite when you’ve checked all the essentials elements for creating an exciting story with compelling characters and a meaningful plot.

2) How to Write and Sell a Picture Book with a Plot

7 videos explain how to plot, write and sell picture books + provide exercises how to immediately integrate the concepts into your own unique story. Learn about all the different kinds of picture books, examples of character-driven and action-driven picture books, how to develop winning picture book concepts, what are the major turning points in every great picture book with a plot, writing, voice, character goals and motivation, how to revise, testing your theme and take-away, who to submit to and so much more…

Here’s How the Video Series Work

Each video includes an in-depth look at the specific elements promised and how to consider these essential story principles as you write, revise, rewrite, sell your story. Writing assignment(s) guide you with step-by-step instruction. Whether you decide to watch all the videos in a row and then go back and do the exercises or jump right in to the 1st video’s exercise, work at your own pace and take more or less time on the step-by-step exercises. The series are designed to fit into even the busiest of schedules. Sign-in and watch video lectures, complete homework assignments, and ask questions in a public forum on a timetable that fits your needs.

Shout Outs:

**The 1st draft you let yourself write any old way. Now revise your story from every angle

**Can't seem to #finish your #novel? Ready to give up? Before you do, revise!

**I’m finding the revision process FUN! Did I actually say that? Loving this process, thank you!

**Friends don't let friends ‪#revise alone

Let's introduce you to Jill and Martha now!!

Jill Corcoran bio
Jill Corcoran is the founder of Jill Corcoran Literary Agency and co-founder of A Path A Publishing

Martha Alderson bio

Martha Alderson, author of The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master, is known as “The Plot Whisperer” for the help she offers writers worldwide. She is the founder of PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel in a Month and the award-winning blog The Plot Whisperer

These ladies not only brought us these amazing author tools, but also offer another service with 2 levels of Participation (Participants and Observers):

Office Hours
2nd Thursday of every month
9:30-11:30am Pacific

Active Participants and Observers

ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS: 8 authors each have 15 minutes to work with The Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson and Literary Agent Jill Corcoran on whatever you want help with. Read part of your manuscript, query, discuss energetic markers, concept, brainstorm plot, characters, etc and receive feedback you can immediately apply to your work. Active participants must watch either Plotwrimo: Revise Your Novel in a Month or How to Write & Sell a Picture Book Videos. This gives us a common language and baseline understanding of underlying plot and story concepts for better communication. Receive a critique of your First Pages, Query, Concept, or get help with your Characters, Where to Start your Story, Crisis, Climax, etc. It is your time...your choice

***OBSERVERS: 15 observer spots. As an observer, you do not participate/read your work, but listen and learn from others during these sessions.


Reviews of the series:

"The amount of time, heartache, frustration, 
and hell that these videos are saving me from is immeasurable."

"Don't wait until you have a first draft to get the video series. If you have an inkling of a concept, get the video series. The videos will show you how to define your energetic markers. You'll learn the difference between crisis and climax. The 8 videos constitute a 'top to toe' writing course. 
Jill Corcoran & Martha Alderson, thank you for giving me the opportunity 
to call myself a writer with pride." Dolly D Napal

"I have been writing, writing, writing, and reading about writing, but I knew I was still 
missing the mark. How I write and rewrite books will be forever changed for the better." 
Wendy McLeon MacKnight

"I felt overwhelmed with my latest revision. 
I feel like a weight has been lifted and I'm just on day one."

Last, but not least, these ladies offer a fantastic workship to help people actively learn from the

A Path to Publishing Workshops:

We often tailor-make an advanced workshop for writers who have watched the series to ask questions and receive feedback on your own individual story. A Path to Publishing Facebook Group

Everyone is welcome to join A Path to Publishing Facebook group created by Literary Agent Jill Corcoran and Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson as safe, smart, fun alcove for writers and illustrators to share and learn about the craft of writing and the book biz. This is NOT a place to sell your books but a wonderful forum for us all to advance our skills, our creativity, and our dreams plus learn about what Jill and Martha are up to at A PATH TO PUBLISHING.

Be sure to follow along and see what others are saying about these services and how they have helped them! Read individual reviews and more information about how this video series can help you!

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  1. Congratulations of the success of your pitch! I so agree--what Martha and Jill do benefits newbie and experienced writers alike.

    1. Thanks! I've still got my fingers crossed for a contract. I've been working so hard to get an agent. Thanks to Jill and Martha, I might have that chance. I'm staying as optimistic as I can.

  2. Ah, Mikey! Our big-hearted benefactor. Thank you for your belief in our programs and feedback and support. Congratulations on all your books. You've got a great blog here. Will be back for another visit before the tour is over. Sending you lots of gratitude and wishes for every success.

    1. Thank you, Martha! I believe what you are doing is making the world a better place. I support you and Jill 100%. Best wishes to you too!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree, Mikey. EVERY writer can benefit. I've had some writer friends say they are going to rent the videos. WAHOO. I'm happy for them. Great post!

    1. I hope they follow through. This is a great video series. Thanks for commenting!


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