Monday, August 17, 2015

A Reading Adrenaline Rush

I love books that have a fitting title. Adrenaline Rush, by Cindy M. Hogan, is one of those books whose title screams exactly what the book is about: exciting-heart-pounding-thrill-seeking-RUSH. This book will put you on the edge of your seat and you won’t sit back until the very last sentence is read. Seriously, it’s that good! It had me staying up late, forgetting about the time, and just reading. Cindy Hogan is a master at creating suspense and that longing for a happy ending. I think her best talent, especially with this book, is the voice of Christy (aka Misha). There are few authors that can pull off a voice so real you forget what you’re reading is fiction. You become swallowed up into the world of spies and freaky criminals (I say freaky because what Christy goes through in this book is CRAZY—the Circus of Feats…um never EVER sign me up for that). I thoroughly enjoyed the underlining theme in the book that hinted at faith and one’s trial of faith. I can’t say too much on the subject because it will spoil most of the book but I believe it was the most powerful element in the book. There comes a time in every hero’s journey that the hero (or in our case heroine) break—too much causes them to lose their faith in themselves and their belief in God and so they stop. Christy is no different. But it’s her unique struggle with her faith will make you sit up and take notice. Yes, this book is a super rush of adrenaline as you read, but you also come away with a better sense of about yourself because you’ve connected with Christy and she’s made you take a long look in the mirror evaluating what makes you so strong. Few books can accomplish both. Yes, I have already started the next book!

Synopsis: A madman with a mission is kidnapping groups of thrill-seeking high school seniors across the country, and it's up to Christy to stop him. To do so, she must take on a fearless alter ego and infiltrate a group of adrenaline junkies bent on pushing life to the limit. Death-defying stunts are only the beginning: two groups fit the profile, and Christy must discover the real target before it's too late. If she chooses the wrong group, more people will disappear. But choosing right puts her as the prime target—with no guarantee that she'll get out alive. Full of action and adventure, mystery, and suspense that is guaranteed to thrill teens and adults alike.

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