Monday, February 1, 2016

T. Man’s Northern Woods blog hop

Today I’m part of a special blog event hosted by T. Man, a 10-year-old author and homeschooler. When T. Man was only 8, he partnered with his older brother, M. Man, on a special homeschool writing project that resulted in their first published book, Tony the Phony and Cursed Mansion. This year, T. Man went solo and just finished the second book in the series, Tony the Phony and the Northern Woods. Written in the engaging style of a Choose Your Own Adventure™, each book is available for .99 on Amazon.

But today T. Man has chosen to share his new book with his readers in its entirety in a special interactive virtual event. Seven different bloggers are hosting sections of the story. The fun begins on T. Man’s blog. At the end of each page YOU have to decide how the story will go. Each choice will lead you to a new blog. You have the possibility of landing on any of four endings. Of course, when you finish you can always go back to the beginning and start again. Choose wisely!

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“Quick, shine the flashlight on the bats!” Tony commanded.
“Okay, then you chuck rocks at them,” said Ed.
“What do you think I’m doing?”
Ed swung his flashlight like a baseball bat and knocked one out of the air. “Do you think we can climb up?”
“It’s worth a try.”
Just then another bat lunged at Ed but Tony threw a rock at it and it fell to the floor.
They scrambled like billy goats up to the top, dodging bats.
“We made it. Let’s run!” yelled Ed.
So they ran and ran until they saw the lights of a football game.
“Let’s find the paramedics and bring them back to the plane,” said Tony.
“Yeah,” said Ed.
The two boys jumped the fence, but before they found the paramedics, they ran into the pilot. He was on crutches. Their mouths dropped open. “How’d you get here?” Ed asked.
“The local airport saw us go down on their radar and sent a rescue squad. They’ve been looking for you all evening.”
“But how are you okay?” asked Tony.
“It wasn’t a heart attack. I just have to lay off my wife’s chili. We better call the cops and tell them that you’re here.”
While they waited for the cops to show up, the pilot reached in his pocket and pulled out two bronze medals. “Thanks for trying to help me. I hereby give you these medals of bravery.”
“Thanks!” they said together.
When the police car pulled into the parking lot, the officer said, “I’m glad you boys are all right. For now. I’ve got a surprise for you.”
Then the back door opened and Tony’s mom stepped out.
The End

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