Sunday, July 22, 2012

Getting the new site ready

Ive been having a great time getting all the content for my new site.  As most have heard this site will be geared toward younger readers, writers, and illustrators, but I think creative minds of all ages will find it fascinating.

I'll be having a story prompt section that have illustrations that can as inspiration in creating new stories. Here are a few samples:

I have found that using a picture can help inspire many thoughts and ideas for a new story.  In fact one of the stories I have written came from a drawing that I did just playing around.  Be open to discovering ideas in all sorts of new places. Remember to have fun in the journey.

I'd love to see what anyone can come up with using these two pictures.  They do not have to be used together--or they could.  Its up to you.  Please feel free to share with others what you've come up with.

I hope to see you soon when we launch the site.
That's my key on the new site and story prompts.

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