Monday, September 9, 2013

Back 2 School Sale!

I am a fan of clean books. meaning I like to read a book and not worry about the content inside. I like to know that what I read will be free of graphic violence, sex, bad language, or drug usage. That is why I totally support a new site geared toward CLEAN books. It's called CLEANAUTHORS.COM and they celebrate the morals I do with books.

To kick off their site they are hosting a BACK 2 SCHOOL SALE on FRIDAY the 13th (September 13th, 2013 to be exact). All the books listed will be dropped from their regular price and we either be FREE or  just $.99!! These are great clean reads you wont have to cringe at. Plus, The Dream Keeper is included for this sale, so if you haven't gotten a copy yet, now is your chance!! Visit: for more details.

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