Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Reads for Tweens: Taylor Davis Series

I am a fan of fun tween reads. That is why I am featuring on my blog today, not one, but two fantastic books that your tween readers will love. TAYLOR DAVIS AND THE FLAME OF FINDUL and its exciting sequel TAYLOR DAVIS AND THE CLASH OF KINGDOMS. Both are sure to enthrall and engage readers. But you don't have to take my word for it. Check out what people are saying about Hugo nominated author Michelle Isenhoff, and her TAYLOR DAVIS series.

"I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! It is so action-packed! The plot is totally unique...the characters are very realistic. I like Taylor a lot - he acts a lot like a normal boy would act under these circumstances. That makes him very real to me." -The Kid Reviews Books

"Michelle Isenhoff has created an action-packed adventure that tweens will find satisfying and wanting to read the sequel. The book has the right amount of danger mixed with a really great dose of humor. The plot is strong and the characters memorable." -Amazon reviewer

"This adventure book has plenty of twists and turns to keep a twelve-year-old glued to its pages. The story is filled with new fantasy creatures and a couple familiar ones." -An Amazon Reviewer


TaylorDavis_FlameOfFindul_cover nook

Taylor Davis didn't want to move to the Caribbean, and he certainly doesn't want save the world. But when he's sucked into a supernatural world of angels and their adversaries, that's exactly what he must do.

The Flame of Findul--the sword that guards the Tree of Life--has been allowed to burn out. Taylor and his new teammates must relight it in the forge of Findul the firesmith before the tree falls into the wrong hands. But Findul hasn't been seen for several centuries. And a formidable enemy, one who has eaten of the tree, stands in their way.
Sometimes life gooses you when you’re not looking. You might be happily coasting through days in a little New Jersey suburb, dreaming about Jennifer Williams and making plans to see the new movie showing uptown when—bam!—everything changes in an instant. Your family moves overseas and suddenly you’re hacking at water demons with a four-foot blade. Free on Amazon and Smashwords!

 And book one is now FREE! 


 Taylor Davis would get stuck with an archenemy that won't stay dead.


When three of his classmates succumb to a strange malady, Taylor becomes the target of irrational violence. Is it a coincidence, as Elena so firmly believes? Or could there be a more dangerous explanation?

The epidemic soon spreads to national leaders. Taylor and his team are called on to uncover the root of the problem before violence breaks out on a worldwide stage. Their quest leads them to the heart of Africa, to the underworld, and to a second encounter with an enemy who just won’t stay dead.
 Book two of the Taylor Davis series is now available for Kindle, Nook, and paperback formats. 

About the Author:

Michelle Isenhoff writes adventures for kids of all ages. Sometimes they take place in the past, such as her popular Civil War-era Divided Decade Trilogy and The Color of Freedom. Other times they involve fantastical plots or new worlds, as in The Quill Pen and Song of the Mountain. More recently, Michelle had a blast writing the first book in her humorous, high-action Taylor Davis series.

Michelle will never market profanity or controversy to her young audience. Instead, she relies on fun, solid story-telling. She prefers stories with some depth to them, and especially enjoys beautifully crafted language and a hero who grows and learns and changes. Michelle often receives emails from grown-ups (as old as 79) who encourage her to keep writing for "us kids!"

Visit Michelle at for free classroom materials to accompany her novels.


  1. Congrats on your newest Taylor Davis adventure, Michelle! Best wishes for Bestsellers and making new fans! Cheers!

  2. These books sound like a great adventure for tweens. Lovely covers too. Congratulations and good luck to you, Michelle.


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