Monday, February 3, 2014

Come see me at LTUE

I just wanted to give one more shout out about LTUE, a writers conference for fantasy and scifi writers. It's next week in Provo, Utah, at the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center. Visit: for more information. It is an amazing conference and you DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT. There is also an opportunity Friday night to meet and greet your favorite authors. I will be there at the Mass Book Signing from 8pm until whenever giving out bookmarks and key chains and signing copies of my books. I hope to see you there. Below is my schedule. Come find me and let's chat.

Thursday, February 13th:

10am: Monsters You've Never Heard Of: The D&D Monster Manual is big, but all the world's mythologies and folklore's are even bigger. Get inspired by creatures that aren't over-used yet.

11am: Pen Names: Do you need a pen name? What should you choose? This panel addresses why you might want to write under a pseudonym, and how to choose one that will advance your career as a writer.

1pm: Effective Book Covers: How to choose what to depict on your book cover, from the scene and character to emotion and theme. How to make book covers intriguing, marketable, and accurate to the story.

2pm: Modern Fantasy and its Relation to Folklore: Lloyd Alexander, Susan Cooper, and J. K. Rowling: Stories that recast and transform our cultural heritage.
Friday, February 14th:

12pm: How to Do Backgrounds: There’s a lot of talk about drawing your focus, but what about the background? Your character deserves to have a good backdrop. What kind of backgrounds are best in what situations? How to draw appropriately detailed/fitting backgrounds.

2pm: Artists Collaborating with Each Other and with Writers: A lot of art requires working with other people. A discussion about working with other artists and writers. What sort of collaboration is necessary? How does the collaboration work?

8pm:Mass Autograph Signing Join me and a bunch more authors at the hotel for a fun time.

Saturday, February 15th:

9am-1pm: You can find me in the lobby at Artist's Alley. I will be there working on art as well as selling books. Come by and lets chat about your book or some art you've been working on.

2pm: Time Management for Artists: Life is busy, and it can be hard to fit in everything. Discussion on how to make time for doing your art in your busy schedule.

4pm: Writing Children's Books: Find out how writing books for children differs from any other demographic.

That pretty much sums up my schedule. You can find me here and there around the hotel. I'll be bringing my wife this time, which I am super stoked about. Every year LTUE falls on either Valentine's day or her birthday and I miss out on both. I finally convinced her to tag along. It will be fun to introduce her to all the fellow authors I admire. See you at LTUE!

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